U-10 Mini-Program

Preparing for competitive Soccer


The U-10 program is for kids that are born in 2009 and 20010. Children in the U-10 group will learn new advanced rules to be prepared for competitive soccer. Refining skills and ball control while also training player fitness will also be on the agenda for this age group. The U-10 groups will play games once a week in the U-10 regional league against other teams from the Bathurst area or the Petit-Rocher area.


One group will be playing in Bathurst and the other in Petit-Rocher. During the winter all Chaleur Soccer activities will be held at the Nigadoo Sportplexe

Days and times

During the summer season the U-10 group will practice every Monday. League games will be either Wednesday or Thursday all from 7:30 to 8:30pm. Winter schedule will be every Thursday from 7:30 to 8:30pm.


Summer and winter sessions are available for this age group.


A parent or guardian must be at the field where the child is playing during the entirety of the practice or game.


For more information about the U-10 group contact us at 506-542-1029 or email us at [email protected]