Question About
2020 Summer Seaon

Why is there no soccer for younger groups during summer 2020

Answer:Soccer NB as stated that there should not be sessions for kids in the U6 and U4 age groups in phase 1 of return to play. These groups are our largest by far and would be to complex of a task to start these groups mid-way thru the summer for only a few weeks of play.

As for the U8 group if everything goes according to plan, we could begin practices for that group a few weeks into our summer program. Registrations will be announced later if they become available.

Will there be games this summer?

Answer: During phase 1 of return to play there will be no games as this would require contact and players not being 2 metres apart. Games will be able to happen during phase 3 of return to play. This may or may not be possible during the 2020 season. Discussions are underway and remain a possibility for this summer. Phase 3 will begin July 11th. Tryouts for teams will begin shortly after.

What safety protocols will be put in place?

Answer: You can read the complete Chaleur Soccer complete return to play plan on our website by following the link below

Return To play Guidelines

Will we be able to register on first night of soccer?

Answer: For summer 2020 we will not accept any form of registration at the fields. All registrations and payments must be made online on the website.

Why are practices only 1 hour long?

Answer: Practices will be made shorter for older groups. They will be 1 hour long instead of 1.5 hours. Since we will be restricted on what players can do during practice, we have decided that 1 hour would be long enough. If restrictions are loosened, we will re-evaluate. It should also be noted that we need to have time between groups so that there is no crowding in the parking lot. During phase 3 practices will be 1.5 hours for competitive teams

Why are all practices in Petit-Rocher?

Answer:We know players in the Chaleur region cover a large territory, we would love to be able to have practices in Bathurst and in Petit-Rocher like we usually do. With the current situation, it would be impossible with the number of volunteers we have to make practices in both regions. The artificial field being in Petit-Rocher we have decided to make all practices there.

This is of course temporary, once we return to normal, we will continue to have groups in Bathurst also.

Why is there only 1 practice a week

Answer: By the return to play documents provide by Soccer NB we will need to have many volunteers per field to occupy these new positions. The Chaleur Soccer executive committee has engaged itself to offer 1 practice per week for each group.

If competitive groups (U13 and above) would like another practice, they would need to prepare a plan of action and present it to the executive before having their 2nd weekly practices. There would be extra fees for this.

Once we are in phase 3 competitive teams will practice 2 times a week.

What will be the refund policy for this summer?

Answer: Costs for this summer will be reduced has we will not have to cover most fees related to leagues, referees ect.. The remaining fees are, provincial registrations, field and administration fees. If the season is cut short for unforeseen circumstances, we will not be providing refunds as costs are fixed for us having 1 practice or 10. We will still offer refunds within the 2 first weeks of play. No Refunds will be accepted after July 10th.